Personalised Adult Hanger with Clips

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Walnut coloured personalised hanger with Clips! ♥ Great for dresses without straps, or kilts!

Sparkle and jazz up your wedding photos with your very own personalised hanger. Photographers and brides love these hangers as photo props for wedding dress pictures. The hanger is approx 17".

Our hangers are beautifully crafted natural lacquered and are made from the finest hardwood and feature polished chrome hardware.

Multiple coatings of lacquer gives a smooth finish and prevents splintering. The wire we use is thick and sturdy. Please note the coloured wire is softer and requires more care than our standard silver wire.

All hangers are hand made, and we are open to any ideas you have for your hanger.

For names with more than 9 letters, please kindly check with us whether we can fit the name first before ordering.

*Please note our standard turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. If you require your order by a certain date urgently, please kindly check with as we may be able to fit it in.